Thursday, 12 January 2012

WInter 2012 initial impressions

So far have been a few shows this season that have piqued my interest, and one which I failed to reach the end of- yes I'm looking at you, Kill me Baby
my thoughts while watching this
JC Staff continued to disappoint with Ano Natsu de Miteru- seriously, if you're going to do an original story can you please make it less cliche and trope-ridden? Cast is a mishmash of character traits from other recent show and all done in the same Toradora/To aru series art style of all recent JC shows.
we've caught you plagiarising red-handed!
As for Highschool DxD, apart from the fanservice this show is dire, with the male characters all cretinous letches and the females all as emotionless as a 35 year old crack addicted pron starlet (whihc if they were 3D they probably would end up as)
'Are you sure it's essential to the plot for me to take up top off?'
Amagami SS S2- most enjoyed show so far, and a more interesting election than the republican primaries.Kinda sad that Ayatsuji would probably be a better pres than any of them, she'd fix the US economy no problem. Though I'd still vote for Sae!
Speaking of elections, the various pirate parties would adopt the cast of Moretsu Pirates as their new mascots. Despite having the usual cliches (transfer students- grr!) this could be fun if it doesn't try to be too serious
Down with SOPA!
 Which brings me finally to Papa Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai, the guiltiest of guilty pleasures this season. Am sure this show is going to result in me going to a very bad place, but will be worth it thanks to loli-Haruhi, loli-ier Saber and loli-est Hibiki. Plus liked how they set the scene and introduced the character's prior to the tragic events to come

Added bonus for those of us who like more mature characters as well, Raika-san and her deadpan 'acting' were epic!

All together a good start to the season

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