Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wierd dream

So I had this dream last night, was a bit... special (usually don't remember much but this one stuck in my head).
It started with me visiting the Shard of Glass construction site, and going to the top. Had to walk part of the way then got a ski-lift the rest. At the top it turned out that it was actually level with a cliff and could step between, and people were saying how convenient was going to be to be able to take the lift down to get to central London rather than take the train. After looking in the visitor centre we stepped out onto a viewing platform to find that London had suddenly been flooded, and this was the only point above the water.

The waters receded to show buildings knocked over as if were cardboard boxes. Next bit is hazy, but was going to be a party back at the top of the Shard to celebrate our survival, and I had to drive up there this time (the inside was like a multi-story car park).

When I got to the top London had flooded again, and this time the water wasn't going to go away. We were working out how were going to survive when I woke up.

Am sure there are some deep meanings to this!