Sunday, 26 February 2012

HyperJapan 2012 photo gallery

Another HyperJapan event, the biggest to date. I could only go on the Sunday but was still very busy and had a lot to see, do and buy- event these:
Moe condoms- they do exist!

Also on sale were think are sex toys!
 Main events on today were a Sake award show,
Goth-loli models + Sake= a winning cobination
 Youtube hit Beckii Cruel Performing
highlight of the event for me
Beckii MC'ing
  Yet more stuff to long for
Though controlled nekomimi, comming soon!

Director Satoshi Miki and actress Eri Fuse during a Q&A session 
And most important of all- Cosplayers!
Black Rock Shooter

Higurashi's Rena and Link from Zelda

A Miku variant and a guy in his normal wear (!)

Golthic lolitas were out in force

And another

This guy was in the contest to represent the UK at Euro cosplay gathering, and deserved to win

more goth-loli's

may be a generic school but grade S zettai ryouiki and twin tails= win

family of nekomimi meido

Mario promoting Nintendo's booth

Vocaloid Kagame Rin


Surgery moe??

Kyoko and Kyubee (!!)

Madoka, Kyoko and Kyubee (no Homura or Sayaka this year)

Kurtonekko and friend

All in all a good day. Please also check out my youtube channel for video's of Beckii's performaces