Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Top 5 Op's of 2010

Counterpart to the previous post, my ranking of top opening sequences of this year. I try and avoid giving a show more than one place (or this would be a very K-ON!! heavy list). Ranking is as follows:

5) Oshichau_Zo (Omamori_Himari)

Kind of making up do up the numbers, but does at least have a catgirl Himari getting her clothes ripped off and plenty of panty shots.

4) Ready go! (Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi)

Mainly because I like the SD characters and were no other shows at the time whose OP I liked much

3) Highschool of the dead (Highschool of the dead)

Good guitar riffs, more panty shots
2) Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou! (Mitsudomoe)

Sums up the show perfectly, catchy and reminiscent of the Minami-ke OP

1) Hikarai no Senritsu (Sora no Woto)
Great visuals, recalling Elfen Lied and the work of Gustav Klimt. Stunning

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